Useful OpenSSL Commands

A handful of useful OpenSSL commands

Vappusima recipe

How to brew a traditional Finnish mead

Moving To Cloudflare

How i moved my blog to Cloudflare Pages

Markdown Render Hooks In Hugo

Inject custom logic to Hugo's Markdown rendering engine.

Sakari's Wool Cardigan Game

I remastered a joke flash game from 15 years ago

Quick Docker Exec

CLI interface to quickly run Docker exec commands.

Kubernetes Load Balancing with MetalLB

Serve your applications with MetalLB and NGINX ingress controller.


Mount and access efs from EC2 server.

Blog Speed Optimization

Let's optimize my blog

Serverless Backend with Terraform

Learn how to build a serverless backend in AWS using Terraform

AWS CLI Profile Switching Made Easy

A handy bash script to switch AWS CLI profiles on the fly

Setting Up a Website with the Hugo Framework

A simple guide on how to get started using the Hugo framework

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